a cranky laptop which doesn’t seems to load anything except that bloody blue screen forced me to use the super big screen desktop. i’m glad both my dad & my sis ain’t home yet. if not, i can’t even picture myself having the chance to sit where i am sitting right now.

well, today marks the last day of xumige’s working life at tanjong pagar. hence, we took a photo as a memorial to our going-to-be-missed lunch days. from tomorrow onwards, i’ll be having lonely lunch like before. hopefully i can get used to this awkward feeling all over again. anyways, pardon my flat hair; it’s still taking the shape of my egg face. *laughs*

queued for the well-loved muffins from chocolat n spice after lunch. bought a box (of 6) for my family and it made me really hungry in the office because of the fragrance coming out of them. again, pardon the badly taken shot of them because we were so eager to eat them that i didn’t have time for a nicer shot. in any case, you just need to know they taste great! (:

on another note, didn’t have much motivation to work recently. have been feeling pretty lethargic; when i try to concentrate on something, the words kinda danced to the lullaby playing in my head. at times, the long wait, for something that never arrives, really demoralises…