4 more days.

this last semester in school seems really different from previous semesters. probably too many commitments and changes going on that i feel so busy, so overwhelmed with stuffs. suddenly realised that it’s been months since i last uploaded a photo onto facebook and also months since i blogged everyday. i guess part of the reasons would be the laptop always getting cranky on me. everytime i open my photoshop, the whole laptop kind of malfunctions. not being able to do stuffs just makes me feel so unlike myself. then again, would it be that i’ve grown to not place importance on these notveryimportanttostartwith stuff or has i just got sick of it? that’s really food for thought.

anyways, been really REALLY unproductive with studies and it’s not a good sign considering that it’s the last two papers in my entire, hopefully, student life. shouldn’t i be more motivated instead? side-tracking, the top few things i want to do after my last paper on Thursday will be to:

  • plan my birthday party in December
  • revamp and decorate my sleeping area
  • upload the very postdated photos onto facebook

of cos, all the fun & entertainment should follow suit. well, still very indecisive of whether to go on a holiday. maybe i should just start looking for a job straight away. in any case, just need these papers to be over and damn, i really should get back to my notes now. 15 more hours and 8 more chapters to go! JIAYOU EVERYONE! (:

can you take the truth?