weekend indulgence.

always love times spent with my awesome people. this is my favourite photo for today and i’ve (obviously) photoshopped it to make it seem complete but anyhow, i’m awaiting the day Ev*lution gets physically reunited again! somehow, we always meet to eat and every meet-up involves food..

this was our lunch before the dessert (from the above picture) at Loving Hut this afternoon.

collage courtesy of ym’s instagram.

initial plan was to finally visit Antoinette but the branch we went to, happened to be under renovation so we settled for Le Chocolat Cafe which was in the vicinity. the rainbow cake wasn’t as awesome as i was expecting but i really love the New York Cheesecake!

this was from 3 weeks ago when we visited Carpenter and Cook. somehow, our dear ben is pretty into cafes recently so we’re like on a cafe-search-and-hop mission too.

and this was our dim sum buffet at Ling Zhi earlier last month. PS: that was only first round of the food we gathered. we still had a full dinner at Lao Di Fang, followed by fries, desserts and drinks at Kith Cafe straight after. seems like they’re going to be my feasting buddies and we’re on our way to getting fat together! *laughs

anyway, i’ve honestly been feasting quite a lot recently and especially since i got out of job. well, i’m sure there isn’t a direct association between the two but i can’t help linking them together. firstly, being back at Roma’s for work has brought me tons of great food EVERYDAY. then, the feasting i mentioned earlier with the Ev*ls goes on like every fortnight. also, not forgetting how much junk and sinful treats i had while in Perth.

*pulls hair* now my only phobia is standing onto the weighing scale. i guess i need to find time for my yoga classes again. and probably drag my lazy ass to do some running…..

upon the moon.