on the 2nd month of antibiotics and 2nd week on Retin-A cream as prescribed by Dr Soh. i’ve read many good reviews about the cream and people seeing results within 3 weeks or longest 3 months. keeping faith with it now and i’ve been religiously applying sunscreen everyday since it is a necessity with this drug.

was initially given Nimegen but i later found out the soft caps contains gelatin obtained from Bovine so i’m glad i had it changed before i started consuming it.

honestly, i’ve never seen my face in such a bad shape before. the break-outs and scars have been on and off for a couple of years already but it has never affected me to such a stage where i feel depressed even looking into the mirror. thinking back, it probably started getting worse this year when i attempted different methods for a better skin…

in March, i took up my waxist’s advice to use a range of MaryKay products. after two months, i didn’t see much improvements as she promised (in fact, it seemed to have gotten worse) and i started panicking. then i started searching forums and found this TCM clinic which had a couple of good reviews so i decided to try this out.

spent quite a bomb on 1.5 months’ worth of TCM medicine and even lugged them along with me to U.S. (btw, there were pills and medicine in powder/liquid form for consumption as well as lotion & medicated liquid for application)

somehow, that was when my nightmare began. until now, i’ve yet to figure if it is all the TCM stuffs or overdose of products i’ve been using or it’s simply the climate and weather in U.S. but the condition of my face just took a turn for the worse. )’:

looking back at photos taken in March and even earlier, am really upset to see how i used to look fine without make-up last time and how bad i look now even with make-up. it really slashed my self-confidence by a whole lot…

oh, and i totally hate it when ppl around starts coming to me and say, “eat too heaty food huh?” or “are you very stressed?” and all. cos to me, it just sound like “omg, wtf happened to your face?!”. i know they meant well but still, it hurts to hear those every other day..

probably should have visited a GP or skin doctor sooner but i only managed to get to Dr Soh in July. although he said mine was not a serious case, it was pretty disheartening to hear his comments about the sides of my face being inflamed and there is a high possibility of scarring. well, at least i’m a little consoled that he said it should clear up in probably another 3 months or so. keeping my fingers (and toes too) crossed tightly for now!

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