still pinning hopes.

attended the WSQ Follow Food & Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures course on the yester. though my Statement of Attainment will only arrive in December, at least I’m finally licensed to prepare food under the NEA policies.

the assessments were pretty easy considering the trainer kinda fed us with the answers but the challenging part was taking it in CHINESE.

all the names of food poisoning and foodbourne illnesses in Chinese was quite a killer to memorise. but still, am glad Johnny made me go for the Chinese class with him cos I think the English one would be more strict.

anyhoos, we were the first to pass and go. I kinda felt bad for those old aunties who had difficulty even understanding mandarin but I supposed they’d have cleared the module as well by now. alright, time for work now. have a great weekend ahead everyone!

to be or not to be.