I think I’ve slight OCD over some matters and I always want things done in certain way. for instance, all of my blog entries (if you notice) always starts with a red bold phrase in the middle, followed by a picture with rounded corners and my domain stamp. lol. but well, I guess for once, I can and I will do without it..

so, it’s been exactly two months since my last update. actually, I’ve wanted to pen my thoughts down many times but somehow, the lack of that “red bold phrase” and appropriate “picture” for the entry kept me from doing so. honestly, sometimes I can’t even stand myself for being so.. anal. then again, there hasn’t been much progress in my life thus far.

almost everyday, I am filled with food, food and more food. the thing about working in an F&B setting, you can perpetually be hungry because every second, you’re smelling the fragrance of food. almost 4 months of “full time” work like that, it’s a surprise I haven’t turned into a fat cow yet.

anyway, it feels like I’ve been waiting for something to miraculously happen without efforts. but nah, I’ve come to terms that there are no miracles in this world. at the very least, I have this consoling thought coming back to me every now and then: “no news = good news”. I don’t know how long more I can believe in that but I trust that everything happens for a reason. my only hope is that this “reason” is worth everything that has happened and I’ll be one step closer to my dream. (:

oh well, I guess the best way to get by now is 以平常心去对待; very much easier said than done but I know I’ll be able to get by. that’s my best bet for now anyway..

on a happier note, my favorite month is arriving in just a few days time! can’t believe I’m gonna be a quarter-century old soon. it’s funny how it seems like just yesterday that I turned 21. self-denial? lol.

ps: I’m proud to have done an entry on my mobile and doing away with my stupid “formats” for once. okay, maybe ONCE is enough. I don’t feel comfortable now, already… :/