slightly addicted.

20th March 2010
2 – 8pm

it’s dear SATURDAY again and i’m in office packing up stuff for the event later. doubt much people will actually see this in time to join me but if you are, come down and join us at the Game Fiesta @ Cineleisure LATER! there’ll be Band Hero, DJ Hero and Tony Hawk RIDE competition going on. furthermore, there will be a lucky draw going on and all you have to do is FILL UP A FORM! yups, as easy as that, see you there! ((:

and so it seems like my life’s pretty mundane during weekdays where there’s only breakfast, work, lunch, work, home, dinner, sleep. had to hype up my weekends so as to keep a balance somehow.

joined the guys for a very random session at halo bar last Friday. was actually looking forward to the run we were planning to do after that but nah, we didn’t in the end. had quite a good time though was pretty pissed with some issues after that. but anyways, it’s over and thy shall not comment too much. ((:

spent the following day at E2Max for the preliminary of the competition that’s going to happen at Cineleisure laters. and yup, those are the 3 games we will be featuring as well!

the marketing ladies and arnold!

went to catch the Singapore Entertainment awards at the floating platform after that. thanks to babe for giving us the complimentary tickets.

there were quite a handful of really good singers but also a couple who really CMI. i think i enjoyed Olivia’s and JJ’s the most. actually, Eason and Tanya too.. hahaha. but overrall, it was good although we sat at like almost the furthest from the stage you can imagine. at least, it’s still LIVE, right? (:


celebrated daddy’s birthday in advanced on Tuesday. just a simple cake and a key pouch from sissy as a present. i didn’t get him anything but i promised to buy a desktop (and pay for it). it’s for me of cos, but he can also use it! rejected his offer to share the cost so, probably that could make up his birthday present? hahaha

spent last night after work setting up the kiosks and area for the event later on. oh did i forget to mention we have our PC and XBOX kiosks there too? will be featuring some of the games we are distributing and the public is welcomed for free play! (:

the backdrop.

my lovely marketing ladies. (:

and these are part of what make March a busy busy month. pretty good actually cos it makes the month pass much faster and yups, it’s just another week or two before it’s April fool! there are some screwups at work though and some stuff i have yet to solve but oh well.. shall take one step at a time, i’m sure everything will turn out just fine! anyways, as usual, i threw another US$30 to renew my domain and CSS upgrade so ya, i suppose i should come out with a new template soon! haha. back to preparations and, enjoy your weekends people! will be back when…. i’m back! CIAOS! (: