still trapped

i’ve been contemplating whether to have my twitter locked up for a long time. and each time, i managed to call off the idea as i didn’t see a point having it locked since it was meant to be part of my blog feed when i first started twitting. just that these days, other than replying twits, i seem to use it more than my blog, where i expose and share all my emo thoughts. hurhur. still, guess i wouldn’t lock it anytime soon since it’s taking up most of the space on my tumblr. i actually have no idea why i need a tumblr and what my tumblr is doing for me but it seems like it IS the other avenue to do thoughts that are too long to be twitted and too personal to be blogged. whatever the case, i just felt this space has been emptied for long again which is why i’m crap-whining here. rights, don’t mind me. i’m just finding the motivation to blog again. probably, a new computer would help. *looks at mike* HMMM….

in that little cage i built in you.