hearts & mind conflict.

why must i always wear different masks wherever i go? i looked into the mirror and realised that i could no longer recognise myself. my reflection was of a faceless girl, awaiting the next mask to be placed on..

– extracted from the abstract but interestingly,
i can somewhat relate to that emotion.

been a long while since i last blogged about a book. from my blog records, the last book i actually finished reading was The Secret Between Us by Barbara Delinksy in November 2008. what a long time huh! anyways, just got myself this book last night and finished it while traveling to & from work. it’s a pretty thin book actually, which explains why i can get it over and done with so quickly!

A Photogenic Life, is the 5th book by a local author Low Kay Hwa. you can read more about all his productions @ Goodybooks website. i actually got to know about his existence through some facebook Page invite. but not too bad, it actually pushed me to search for his books on NLB catalouge but trust me, his books are pretty hot which thus make them hard to find! will be keeping a lookout for them though cos i like to read books by authors whose books i’ve read before. my favorite is still Nicholas Sparks, and i’m on the reserve list for his latest book – The Last Song. oh and talking about him, i’ve yet to catch Dear John! anyone up for it? (:

anyways, the storyline is pretty simple, about the life of a JC girl but it does seem like a story which you can make a drama serial or movie out of. it even managed to make me cry and there were quite a handful of quotes which  really interesting. look out for my tweets or blog entries ending; i suppose i might just paste them somewhere here & there. hahah. (:

because my mind can’t convince my heart that you can never be MY happy pill;
as much as i thought or wished you’d be…