your secret place.

and playing with these tiny things was really fun. a simple idea and we did a whole trial thing for the org chart. so that was how i spent my entire free day in school. somehow, i feel like i spend more time in school and work than at home. so i officially name them my 2nd and 3rd home respectively!

members of logistics and our in-charges. i made the heart on the top! okay, not literally make it; just arranged.. heh.

took a rest and we went to the plaza to support event 01 – le sport-ade. there was table hockey, the basketball machine and foosball. the match that kept a whole crowd cheering and looking at was the losers foosball match between kerk & teddy and matthew & shirong. the losers of the losers had to treat ice cream. the main point is, teddy was really funny; the way he play looked like he had spasm, quite retarded. LOL. in any case, they lost and we had a share of the ice cream. heh.

back to the council room and we finished up our draft. now, just hope we’re not overly idealistic about it because it’s like on a paper only. but anyways, i hearts logistics! even if not the work, the team. heh. ((:

back to 3rd home on Friday and i realised there’s always a gradual change at my workplace everytime i go back. this time, the CD rack just got revamped and they are now on the walls! boss always emphasize on a good system and all so he’s going to have this new thing tried out. let’s just hope it works! (:

anyways, sisty’s agnes b cap’s been making me tempted to get a cap as well. so with free time before work, i walked into espirit and there was just one that grabbed my eyes so i bought it. rather impulsive buying i’d say but okay lah, it was not pricey anyways. hahah.

on a random note, been staying up till wee hours this couple of days recently somehow and do nothing but plain chat with different groups of wonderful people. first, the famous 5, then yesterday my fellow MnPians. notice the pretty traffic light from the idle flora and acting-busy sweettart. then it was followed by a series of nick-change and confusion. okay in any case, that’s almost how i spend my nights mornings. *laughs* now, back to my movie marathon! ((:

to the moment.