a beautiful affair.

there is a bazaar going on in SIM this few days, brought to you by SIM-RMIT Student Council. oh well.. although the most happening day (today), is over already, the bazaar with loads of stalls for clothes and food will still be there till tmr, Friday! be sure to drop by if you’re in school and all RMIT studens are entitled to redeem some childhood snacks! *grins*

we got like a few tins of them in council room and i’ve been snacking on them for the past 2 days! heh. but one bad thing is, these stuff really dirtied the room pretty badly. hopefully the in-charges will take responsibility and please, do whatever you’re supposed to! (:

had them during half of the lecture on Wednesday which babe and i skipped after the break too. handed in our reports and we started slacking around the council booth at the bazaar.

the view of bazaar at the plaza from the booth; anyways, got labelled by matthew as the 2nd flowervase after babe but well, there wasn’t much i could help with also. i did offered to okay! heh.

headed off to AMK to attend claudia’s grandma’s wake before a movie at Hub with david and mike. i think the movie is pretty awesome which puzzled me why people actually says it sucks. HMM.

was in school the entire day today for logistics stuff and it was really a great sense of satisfaction to do up the org chart DRAFT. *laughs* i guess it was pretty enough to have the others think it was the real thing. the looks on their faces when we said it was a draft was damn classic. i’m so proud of us. heheh. shall get the photos here when flora uploads them!

last but not least, just a random note. i just noticed the wearing off of the first letter on my laptop keyboard after 4 years. wow, right? ):

and there you are.