i thought 7 months was long enough for us to not see one another. but i realised it’s been more than a year since we last had a proper, decent meet-up. can you imagine? not counting the pathetic amount of time spent together on my birthday (because i had to entertain other guests), the last time we actually went out was like June last year? to think we used to have a monthly meet-up.. we probably have been busy with our own lives and all but it’s time we really find time to spend more time together. not forgetting our photoshoot date next year. i hope you girls haven’t forgotten eh?

it was a really good catch-up although very short and brief. at least i know everyone’s still leading their life well.. attached, still happily attached; single, still pathetically single. LOL. just kidding! and yes, till we meet again….. (hopefully not another half or one year down the road) take good care of yourselves lovelies!

to jul: jiayou and hang on at your job, gonna be over soon and a new, better life will be awaiting you. meanwhile, stay bubbly & lovely-dovey with your darling! (:

to sasa: please eat more, gain more weight, get your resume done and GET A JOB! hopefully the next time we meet, you’ll be sharing your new work experiences..

to ting: study hard, party less. well, we probably can party together one day. and to both of us, find a DATE soon! hahaha, i think we both need a good one. *grins

anyways, i’ve been feeling pretty tired of too many things lately. i’m not putting on a strong front but i guess i’m still not truthfully happy to the extent i don’t have to fake a smile. idk how genuine i am these days. probably, you can judge for yourself when you see me. then again, you probably can’t tell too. because if it was meant to be hidden, i doubt you can make it visible. doesn’t make sense anymore? it must be the time. yea, time to hit the sacks. that’s the life of a boring office lady. hurhur.

complete as it is.