happy birthday Singapore!

thanks to Singapore turning 45 on a Monday, we had a great long weekend away from work. look look! even my drink is patriotic eh? had this great glass of strawberry milkshake at Cheeky Chocolate @ iluma today, treat from sissy. of all the yummy delicacies and endless shopping, i must say i’m a very satisfied girl today. other than being the chauffeur for the day, nothing was to my disadvantage. pretty tired out though. i probably should have an early night after my jog later on to prep myself for work again tomorrow..

Morby (my Morbella GPS) played a huge role in my life this weekend. had him lead me to all parts of Singapore i drove to with Ranger (yes, my little orange boy). and so, the two darlings accompanied me through Saturday, Sunday and today, almost making me lazy to go public in just one weekend. i drained almost the whole tank of petrol that daddy pumped before he left for China but HAHAHA, i shall just reimburse him the money when he’s back tomorrow because i’m so not going to the petrol station on my own. (:

anyways, drove to work on Saturday and i was pretty much cursing throughout the journey. somehow, there was miscommunication between Morby and i. or rather, i was too slow to react to his directions and i went on a hell load of detours and all. i took more than an hour to reach when it takes probably just 25 minutes for one to drive the correct route. yes, helly awesome!

was out the whole morning on Sunday for religious commitments, followed by Marina Square to pack our picnic food and then to Marina Barrage with the clique for kite flying and the ultimate insincere picnic ever. well, kite didn’t seem to fly, food was attacked by ants but well, still had a good time chilling with the cooling weather. ended our night with desserts as supper before i had Ranger and Morby take all of us home. (:

spent the National Day holiday with mommy and sissy for a whole day of eating and shopping. yes, like literally EATing and SHOPping. had lunch, shopped, desserts & high-tea, continued shopping and then dinner before heading home. can’t seem to feel my legs anymore but i can totally feel the weight in my stummy. time for some exercise soon.

anyhow, am back to update on my boring life and i’m actually seeing a comeback on the stats. so, WHO’S READING? *beams* ((:

if i never see your face again.