life as a whole.

back from one weekend had the poor flower lose the energy to live. however, giving it water revived it again shortly. i wonder if that would apply for human beings as well. packing my weekends without work with activities. i guess these can be the “water” to revive me. so tired of being exhausted from all the workload, shitholes and rubbish thoughts. i think i can be a better person. *smiles* did i mention i’ve red stripes of hair now? not exactly loving it but it gives me some courage for a change. heading for initiation later to mark this weekend. as for the last, here’s a few pictures! (:

celebrated boss johnny’s birthday with our usual awesome steamboat. this time with more people, more ingredients, bigger tables and bigger stove. the amount was mad crazy but we had a great time gathering. it’s such a loved workplace, we are like a family. ((:

i think i just marked my 4th year at Roma’s in July. still gonna continue helping out as and when i’m available. i don’t really call it work anyways; more of some catch up, enjoyment and feasting sessions with my lovely people. full attendance of Ev*l girls are now Roma’s staff. haha. and did i say boss is like our 2nd daddy? i swear he dotes on us. *smiles

Sunday morning was welfare outdoor gathering with YG at Sentosa. had a good sweaty session running about in the drizzle and my group came in first. shall not reveal how we actually won, whether we cheated or not, but trust me, we do deserve the win. wahahah.

rested for a bit in the afternoon before heading off to the Chevrons for a KTV session with the other 3. sadly we only had a-third of Ev*lution but it was good enough to settle some cravings to sing. not forgetting a dozen set of mad 十连拍s too.. (:

ended the night with supper at Circuit road and a series of incidents with sugarcane juice. well, try thinking of sugarcane char-kway-tiao and hor-fun soaked in sugarcane. we just concluded that dia and i are superb accident-prone. the only difference is, her accidents happen on other people while mine, just happen on me myself.

talking about that, did i mention i actually happily walked into one of the glass panels in my office thinking it was the pantry door? *slaps head* thinking back, i just can’t stop laughing at my clumsiness. well, i could blame the whole glass concept in the office but ultimately, i know this kind of stuff will only happen to me. so glad nobody saw it in action live because the loud BANG alone was enough to draw their attention to my stupidity. hahah~

i think it’s fading.