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a compass is not enough.

finally got my photoshop to work again after clearing a couple of files from my C: drive but at the expense of my iTouch library.. anyways, been back from Taiwan for nearly a week now. however, other than working on Saturday and youth group on Sunday, the only other day i stepped out of house was Friday, to school, for whatever reasons you can think of.. i just have nothing better to do i guess. or hmm.. the best reason i could think of is to distribute the box of taiyangbing i bought for the people. (:

the day out of house.

Bread art

lost utterly.

instead of throwing away the bread that we left for many many days, decided to “play” with it. did all the lettering cut outs for our names and the shop name. turned out, it was pretty useful for my production of the day! LOL. (:

baking and meetups.

Mountain of ice

happy birthday shirong!

a day out with mommy has never been better.. have been accompanying her to almost every previous book fairs at Suntec but yesterday was the only time we went without my 5th aunt and 2 baby cousins. it’s like spending quality time with just my dearest ah bu alone! *grins* and that’s my lovely mommy; do we look alike? hahahah.

another Friday without work..

PD: Lost in time

be alone.

exams have been over for more than a week now. thought it was quite time for me to find a job since i SHOULD most probably be able to graduate but well, guess i’ll just get busy with my stuff and enjoy a little of holidays first before permanently stepping into society. on a side note, the blog feels pretty abandoned and i shall squeeze some time for some updates.. (:

into half of November..

PD: g’s 21st

dearest g turned 21 on 29th September and her party was held at her function room 3 days prior to that date. didn’t had any “balloon girl” position for hers but was looking like some maids together with xumige as we were kinda in charged of her polaroid wall. but eh nono, i’m not complaining! it was an honour to be able to help the queen of the night. (:

white & silver and aftermath.

Friday without work

the sixth sense.

with a whole big file of photos, this is my favourite photo of the day with the wonderful people –  starky. on an attempt to study BF, took my onlyworkdayoftheweek off to the council room with babe and we had a short lesson on some of the topics by the guys. thankssomuch but hmm, i guess i just kinda shut down alr, don’t really get the whole concept of it. OHWELLS. anyways, it was a long day, or you could call it night…

of convocation and 4 other places..


happy birthday gabby!

a KTV session with clique at Chevrons. was damn disappointed with the service today because the China bitch was the one serving us and she’s damn bitchy. oh right, since they miscalculated the bill (somehow) and it was so much cheaper, i shall just let it be and forgive her this once.

3 hours and after.



i always (and still think) that my groupies are all from well-to-do families. look at all the branded wallets they are carrying! *laughs* okay, just a random thought that babe instilled into me during our break when these wallets were lying on the benches. heh. spent the evening after class yesterday for a dinner with them.

for belly’s birthday..

Evil force

may it be with you.

mummy say this shot damn act-cool and we’re not pretty because we’re not smiling. but well, that’s the whole point of it! but i think this shot could be better if mike was looking at the camera and that my face wasn’t so chui-ed. hahah. actually, we kinda look duper XL in here. HAHAHA. forget it if you don’t know what XL means. heh. anyways, been out almost the entire weekend – work, movies, gatherings..

over the weekends.

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