i always (and still think) that my groupies are all from well-to-do families. look at all the branded wallets they are carrying! *laughs* okay, just a random thought that babe instilled into me during our break when these wallets were lying on the benches. heh. spent the evening after class yesterday for a dinner with them.

on our train there, there was this unbearable stench that came along, making our dear pregnant lady very uncomfortable. doesn’t she just fit into that picture above? heh. i wonder what mark has done. HAHAH

dinner was at Roma’s since they wanted to accomodate me and try the food there as well. it was really filling and i hoped they liked it! right now, i’ve tons of photos to arrange and i’ve got a really busy weekend ahead. just hope everything falls into place. last episode of Red Thread and it’s time for bed! (:

we’re done.