happy birthday gabby!

a KTV session with clique at Chevrons. was damn disappointed with the service today because the China bitch was the one serving us and she’s damn bitchy. oh right, since they miscalculated the bill (somehow) and it was so much cheaper, i shall just let it be and forgive her this once.

been really long since we last sang together as a clique. probably even more than a year. didn’t manage to get “full attendance” also today because zz wasn’t able to make it. wonder when the next time will be..

dinner at IMM Swensens and we had an Earthquake! totally hearts sweet treats. heh. anyways, wanted to leech a ride from ah chu since he drove but after a long long journey sending zz home, i felt bad that he’s already so tired and suggested he just drop us off at panjang. after some thoughts, it was actually quite stupid. i got onto the car, bringing myself further from home than i initially was. should have just took bus or train from there in the first place. but still, thanks chu for the ride! hahaha.

last but not least, thankyou zz for the little souvenirs he got for all of us from Thailand!