happy birthday mike!

headed off to school on Thursday to help out a little for bazaar publicity. basically, just some cut and paste job but i had a great time crapping with everyone around about all the questionable stuff. we concluded that evans really likes to create circular objects and with him around, we will have circular publicity! anyways, had loads of seaweeds and a very yummy chocolate snack to eat thanks to evans. i’m going to look out for that in NTUC when i pass by the next time! (:

went up to the “roof” to do some spraying. well, actually i just stood around watching, moving the tiles here and there. most of the time, i was snapping photos and… hiding from the sun. heh

some of the final products. pretty stuff right? do keep a lookout for them from Monday onwards. i THINK they should be around the school by then. (:

slacked off to halo bar after that for a drink with a couple of the excos. kerkie helped me pick a few songs and it kinda settled my KTV cravings for that day. evans and people joined after that and we sang for another hour or two before he sent us home. anyways, i think it must be that i haven’t drank for far too long that a mug of beer already took away part of my soberity. hur.

had a usual long day at work on Friday before rushing down to mike’s for a carefully-planned-yet-impromptu birthday surprise.

it was a pretty long process and not very surprising. can see from the candles that they are almost all burnt out already. in any case, i’m sure the few of us really hoped that this simple gesture made a good start to our dearest tou’s day! (:

us. chilled at the playground for a couple of hours until amelia got summoned home. took a very fast but expensive cab ride home in the end and i’m glad i had a will strong enough to not let my thoughts run wild. the guys should know what i mean.. i just detest such conversation topics late at night when i know i’m going to be alone. sorry for crying, i must have looked like a kid. hur hur.

today was supposed to be productive for projects but sadly, i got stuck and that became the furthest i could go for the day. rights, but i did say i’m going to enjoy this weekend anyway right? let’s just say, everything will be done on Monday (since there’re no classes). beat the procrastination! heh.