growing out.

Saturday night was out to supper with the Clique and i was reminded about how much i’ve neglected them. ah chu claims that i’m not around 9.5 out of 10 times when they go out, which probably is the cause of the bit of a distance between me and them. i never realised how close the guys have became. sometimes i wonder if it’s the working life that’s taking me away from everyone who are still studying/serving NS or is it just myself..

nevertheless, had a great time with them, sharing stories, updating on our lives and listening to new and unfound theories by Professor Chu. *laughs* i like his muffin theory a lot and it does make quite a bit of sense. STILL, i don’t wanna see to it and it shall not apply in my case. thankyou lovely people for the time & as promised, i hope the 9.5/10 non-presence will become 10/10 attendance!

on a side note, i seem to spend more than 85% of my time on my itouch especially days when i’m at home. i probably need to get some life away from that little gadget. hahah for a start, i removed WhatsApp already so hopefully, i won’t spend every minute going into the app to check for updates. hurhur.

and on another random note, congrats to flora & wilson! after us guessing and gossiping for so long, they’ve FINALLY officially announced their relationship! that leaves me one less lover. ): *looks at rara* but i’m so happy for them. really! way over the clouds~ 要幸福哦!heh. (((: