up and away.

oh my awesomely colourful MnP. group photo taken last Saturday at the internal gathering. not like we’re part of the department still but, me and babe, we are alumni! hahaha. thanks for still having us invited people. (: had the normal rounds of games followed by the usual stuff. i’ve to admit, though, that the department has really gone through a tremendous change of culture, very very different now from when i first stepped in..

the day before the internal was spent at Halo Bar with the council peeps, for the last time at NP Alumni. well, it was the 2nd last night of operation there before they move to Jalan Kayu. so much memories there, good and bad. am so going to miss the place man!! ): anyways, of this photo, canni made a comment that my eyes are the biggest among the trio! haha! how cool is that? (:

was pretty much away from the crowd cos i felt just a little out of place but thanks guys for accompanying me. to teddy and robbin, all the best for job-hunting yea! hope you guys join the working adult society soon after graduation! hahahah.

been really occupied with work lately, busy preparing for our company’s Games Day which is going to happen next Tuesday. it’s going to be my first and hopefully i wont screw up anything. level of stress is pretty at the peak, coupled with other miscellaneous stuff going on, i thought it was a bad period to be falling sick. hurhur. was down with a fever and flu but now the fever is gone, in a day (as usual). am fighting the flu bug slowly still but i’m gonna get myself well because i’ve a tough war to fight! consecutive working Saturdays are burdens, even more dreadful when one falls after a PH like today! oh well…

caught the movie with buddy after work last night and it’s totally awesome. i think toothless is really really adorable. if all these were real, i wished we had REAL dragons in the world still. not just characters in fairytales or an animal in the zodiac. *laughs*

had a great owning mahjong session after that and i got TOTALLY OWNED. can’t believe that a person who never liked gambling like me actually succumbed to playing. somemore with the bets wrongly calculated to such a big amount, i lost like from $200 chips in the beginning, to a remainder of pathetic $12. can you believe it? i almost had to owe MORE than the chips on hand. hahahaha. but alright lah, couldn’t blame anyone because i’m not a good mahjong player to start with. thanks buddy and shirong for insisting on sharing my losses though. i swear i’ll never indulge in playing mahjong like this again. at least, not in that amount. hahah. i guess it’s a lesson learnt, that gambling was never meant for me. am just of a different league i guess. but honestly, i’m not blaming anyone at all. so stop feeling guilty already, buddy. i really had fun still and yes, it was a great experience! (:

i think you make a point, what you say is true, that nothing should matter and i shouldn’t be bothered. i’m sorry i just am too immature. i’ll learn to love and put myself first before anyone else. i think it will help. it should help. it’s going to do wonders! anyways, it’s almost two weeks now; i AM doing well.
better in time.