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the edward fairytale.

did my enrollment thing early during orientation registration duty and headed down to town after lunch to meet gladys and fion for our long awaited movie. i suppose this is the first time being in lido one and i’m really amazed by how big it is. hahaha. our seats were like quite far back at the end but the screen still looked pretty big! i was so excited i became really chatty before the movie started. LOL.

twilight in digital.


i’m not sure.

crush the biscuits and pour those cheese on top and guess what you get? haha. mummy’s specialty cheese tarts actually. but nah.. i didn’t take any pictures of the final product. it’s all safely in my stomach now. heh.

duty and after.


headed to suntec for the bookfest with mommy, 5th aunt and my two baby couzys. was looking around for all the recipe books which she is so much in love with and i’m so tempted to bake as well! like seriously.. i shall go flip through all the recipe books stacked in the cupboards and find something to bake this coming week since i’m so free. *grins*

bought the fox pullover which i always wanted to have and mommy paid for it. however, i’m experiencing purchase dissonance already! gosh, so typical me please.. on a side note, my daddy is a champion! he just earned himself FOUR thropies from the NTUC Grandmasters Bowling 2008 event and a fair share of CASH! woots, i’m so proud of him. ((:

Of thoughts

will you sacrifice your life for love?

watched Painted Skin on PPS with mummy and sis last night. wasn’t really paying attention to the show initially because i was catching Hot Shot on my laptop at the same time. but after awhile, i just felt that i HAD TO pause my show to concentrate on the former. although the ending was pretty lame, there was this really touching part about the wife’s love for the husband which made me tear. it wasn’t a REALLY awesome show but it’s not too bad a watch (compared to Max Payne).

of Tuesday thoughts..

A walk

2nd trip to GWC..

of cos, Ben & Jerry’s again. well, we don’t have much of a choice, do we? a few more times and we can label ourselves as loyal customers already! *laughs* traveling to town on a Saturday with projects as the objective isn’t a good feeling at all. thus, tried to utilize our time there!

long long walk..

Shop blings

to town, again, to shop. last minute changing of plans but still, met up with the people of my initial plan! met wu to do our brows first and i think her brows are so so so pretty right now. i mean it. don’t bother about mine though; not much difference. *laughs*

more pictures..

Shop whites

happy teachers’ day?

to bugis street and parco with the darlings to shop since there weren’t any classes. stopped by MOF after all the walks. have always been talking about dropping by for desserts over there and finally, did it yesterday. headed to town after that to meet babe, teddy, and bernie.

the desserts and more..


adding on to my Nikon collection..

being out of office for two days, i suddenly missed the feeling back in there. yesterday was great because i was totally occupied for the WHOLE day. hopefully my last day will be as busy so that i can bring that sense of satisfaction home with me.. packed up my table and brought half of my belongings home & i guess i’m ready to leave the place for school.

a little shopping

Private sales

had a date with the clique, minus ah chu again, early Saturday morning. credits to zz, we had the VIP tickets to enter Fossil Private Sales at 10am. the public could only enter after 12pm. unexpectedly, we had to queue for quite awhile even though we reached damn early (like 9.45am?). in any case, everyone of us bought something. a watch each for us girls and a lot more each for the guys. now you know.. they are richer.

thinking about it, i’d say this is the first watch i’ve ever bought. in fact, it’s the first i’ve even owned. well, that’s if you disregard the Baby-Gs and kiddish market-bought watches i had when i was in primary school. anyways, (although i think everyone who knows me already knows this) i’ve a confession to make: i can’t read analog watches! but (i said BUT), i’m learning right now; and i’m doing a good job! *smiles proudly*

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