adding on to my Nikon collection..

being out of office for two days, i suddenly missed the feeling back in there. yesterday was great because i was totally occupied for the WHOLE day. hopefully my last day will be as busy so that i can bring that sense of satisfaction home with me.. packed up my table and brought half of my belongings home & i guess i’m ready to leave the place for school.

did a little shopping these few days, just to catch all the SALES before GSS ends on Monday. didn’t really pamper myself too much since i’m so officially broke. maybe i shouldn’t peep into my bank account so much because it’s really disheartening.

simple dress from MANGO.

new love from Pull & Bear.

still awaiting four more pieces of apparels from my sprees which i think won’t be arriving so soon. actually my wardrobe is already so full but I JUST CAN’T STOP BUYING! oh man, i so wanna throw away my old stuffs but i can’t bear. can i find a place to sell them or something instead? hahahah..

i spent the whole morning packing the “souvenirs” for my colleagues. finally i’m done and Monday shall be the day i part with these packets! (: