had our SIM-RMIT orientation on Thursday. only like a pathetic handful of 22 people from my course turned up. the theme was ZEROES 2 HEROES and my OG’s hero was Hercules. it was kinda ironic because our group had like only TWO guys which made us look like an all-girls team.

anyways, i realised this colour has been haunting me since poly year 1. the Sen-France shirt, the S&W shirt and all. it’s just so Ngee Ann. *sigh* can i have more colours to my wardrobe?

gathered in school at like 9am but i think the programme only started at 10am when most seats of the LT were taken up. i think the majority of the cohort was made up of BBMFT students since their intake of the whole RMIT is like the biggest.

began with some ice breakers and games within our own OG before lunch. oh, did i mention that they actually went out to buy special food for me. *laughs* thanks to althea who didn’t want me to go hungry.

after lunch, we started on the hours of station games. the above picture is taken at our first station. had this match against the Sailormoon‘s group. but please, if you just take a closer look, they’re all guys! i think they’re better off called Sailorman but they were so ungentlemanly! fancy them violently attacking all our poor girls. so yea, we lost to them. BUT, it wasn’t a fair game to start with..

the station i enjoyed the most was going into this totally-dark-until-you-can’t-see-your-fingers room to get stamps. they were playing those ghostly music inside and as usual lah.. people under the table grabbing your legs and stuff like that. but the funny thing was, me and althea weren’t scared at all. instead, we actually were so brave to walk all over the room and talked to the ghosts. i even found a clapper which i intend to hit the ghosts if they were to come near me. *laughs*

and yes, that’s althea for you! so glad to have this darling around but well, we just assumed we didn’t know each other before hand. we met at the door, right? hahah. oh, don’t mind the blur face at the back. he’s the RMITSC vice-pressie who was just trying to get into our picture. anyways, the station games ended in the evening and after dinner was the finale of the day.

the DRAG QUEEN CONTEST. yes, it was the highlight, but i really didn’t appreciate it. although it made a really REALLY good laugh, it was too gross and sick! the girls weren’t that man but the guys were totally GIRLS. and duper bimbotic. guess they were too into their roles but really, i salute them for the courage. oh, some of them were wearing real bras which i can’t stop wondering where it came from.. hahah.

in any case, kudos for my OG’s representatives. they really sacrificed a hell lot of image. well, the winner of the whole contest is the couple in the middle of the previous picture. and big daddy (the girl guy), is still holding her his AHEM. *laughs out loud*