last night was You Don’t Mess With The Zohan with my family. you can say i “treated” them to the movie but none of us paid any monies. heh. if you still remember, i’ve got this 4 free tickets from my colleague weeks ago. but well, had to travel to JP since it’s the nearest GV cinema around. reached home like past midnight and i’m glad i wasn’t the one driving..

well, the movie was pretty crappy but it wasn’t as bad as i thought it’d be. at least there were some other laughing scenes which weren’t in the trailer.. HMM, or was it because it’s been too long since i last watched one in the theatre? *laughs*

the colourful STAIR 10 leading to the underground carpark.

anyways, in case you are wondering why i am having all the time in the world to blog right now, here it is. been having my usual headache since last afternoon. either it’s the lack of food in my body, or the excessive viewing of photographs. (no, not my own; was part of my tasks at work) and this unbearable headache suggested that i shouldn’t go to work today.

borrowed the DSLR from my neighbour and played with it during lunch time yesterday. conclusion: i’m too noob for such expensive an gadget. just can’t seem to figure out how this whole thing works. and the weight of it exhaust my hands. hahaha.. but well, if i have the time and money, i’d love the chance to master the skills of operating it.

a couple of days more before i leave the company. i guess it’s time to start preparing some farewell gifts before i run out of time…