how’d you feel if someone you loved left you suddenly, for the other world? how’d you feel if someone you loved is gone forever, and never coming back? honestly, i guess i haven’t really dealt with situations like that. as far as i can recall, i’ve never attended any funerals or stuff like that of anyone close to me, whether blood-related or not. of course, it’s a good thing. after all, i wished i’ll never have to experience that agony. but i can emphatise; i feel the pain for people losing their loved ones, reading their stories make me tear. with disasters so near us, natural and/or unnatural deaths being so common now, who’s to say i may be the next? when the day comes, will i be remembered?

dearie pasted me a link of this girl, girlfriend of the OCS pilot guy who collapsed and passed away during his training in Brunei. if you ever come across her blog, you’d see how much she was waiting for him to be back. his unexpected and sudden takeoff to the other world is such a big blow. not only to her of course, but also his family and friends. but who are we to judge whether God is being fair to anyone here? it’s all predestined. but it’s good to see her so strong, although she may just be putting on a strong front; i hope she can really take it well from here..

anyways, shall not do illegal advertising to her blog in case it’s going to cause her any distress. but if you’re really sincere about giving her some words of encouragement or things like that, can ask from me personally. (:

then, take a look these comic strips by Coco Wang, received in an email. it’s kinda touching and heart wrenching too. enjoy!