last day of June, last day of work. finally relieved of morning & evening crowds and the office melody! not that i’m duper happy being an unemployed now, but at least, some rest before school starts next week. hehe. had a tiny bit of farewell gifts from my colleagues but i think the best present was the testimonial from boss & angela. *grins* aww, i’m so gonna miss the place!

met up with my beloveds after work at lot1! i didn’t realised how much the place changed until i actually strolled through the whole mall. anyways, was really hard fixing a timing when everyone’s free so it’s been damn long since i last saw them..

did some shopping around the place and Cotton On earned the most from us girls! hahaha. but they were damn evil, making me fall in love with one of their cardigans but refused to sell me at the discounted price! *curses* but it’s okay cos i’m still happy with my loots of two shorts @ only 20 bucks.

the sony ericsson team!

something in common. but well, not ALL of us. heh.

copied dearie on her stunts of cupping the ice cream cone thingy onto my eye but never seem to succeed.. *pouts* HMPF, i shall master the skills some day. whahaha..

best photo of the day. not credits to the photographer of course, but the people inside! LOVES! okay lah, i should give credits to the guy who made this photo possible right? thanks jul’s boy! hahaha.