sick of being so fair & celebrating my first day of being unemployed, had a tanning session with jo babe! the skies were damn gloomy the whole morning but we still went ahead. heh, luckily it wasn’t a wasted trip because it was duper sunny after the drizzle! *grins*

anyways, happy 21st to MEL! (:

greenery in the toilet.

tanning in process.

didn’t spend a lot of time under the sun as i was feeling damn HOT already. couldn’t stand the burning sensation on my skin so off we went to bathe! heh. didn’t feel i got darker but i look damn red, like a lobster, right now.

found chocobi at daiso! if you didn’t know, that’s crayon shin chan’s favourite snack! not yet mine, but it’s pretty delicious. *grins* go grab one now and i’m sure you will love it too! teehee..

because jo loves it too!

oh yes, after so so so long, i finally saw the ad with ah chu face half a face inside! ok, you can call me slow. oh but one thing, if you are reading this (refering to ah chu), enjoy looking at your hair now because you’re losing it in ten days’ time! HAHAHAH. :X