exhausted; rotting at home the whole day watching videos seems to be draining all my energy, sucking me dry both physically and emotionally. i suddenly lost the passion to appear online like i’ve always loved to, and never used to feel sick or tired of. it was something i must do every single day even if it meant just one hour of my free time. but why, not now anymore? i don’t feel like connecting to or communicating with anyone but i just can’t seem to detach myself from my dear 3-years old gadget. probably that’s why i’m starting to feel the pleasure of appearing offline (AO).

ANYWAYS, tse hwee found a job! location: very near her home. pay: very much lesser than the previous job but a tiny bit higher than the ex-previous job. commencing: friday evening. now, she hasn’t told her parents and is thinking how to fill them in on it. *sigh*