sometimes i can’t comprehend, so i whine, i complain, i grumble. i’m not pointing fingers or putting blames, but why can’t friendship between two persons of different genders be pure? why must it always be suspected and misunderstood? why must simple things get complicated? where is the trust? is there even an answer to these questions?

i’m not guilty of anything, yet i feel so apologetic. each time this happens, i feel like i AM the bitch. am i so unworthy of your trust? i can’t help wondering, what am i, in your eyes.. well, i don’t know if i’d feel the same as you did if i were to be in your shoes instead. because for all we know, i may react worse. *laughs* but i guess i’d still choose to believe. in any case, if it makes you so uncomfortable, i’ll keep a distance. (: