to town, again, to shop. last minute changing of plans but still, met up with the people of my initial plan! met wu to do our brows first and i think her brows are so so so pretty right now. i mean it. don’t bother about mine though; not much difference. *laughs*

met up with babe, bernie, zhaoting, teddy and vinod after that. it was like a continuation of the shopping two days ago. gotten part of my blings (think enough already); and wu’s gotten her white. i guess that’s pretty enough of shopping for bash. need to prioritise on something else. hahahah.

auntie teddy with my bag. heh.

the two bodyguards walking behind us.

flasher-wannabe! picture him opening up that coat……….. *covers eyes and mouth* no lah, he will just flash that ZARA tag to you. what were you thinking man? tsktsktsk..

my wallpaper for a minute or two?