happy teachers’ day?

to bugis street and parco with the darlings to shop since there weren’t any classes. stopped by MOF after all the walks. have always been talking about dropping by for desserts over there and finally, did it yesterday. headed to town after that to meet babe, teddy, and bernie.

my vanilla.. what’s that called again?

xumige’s macha zen.

wu’s mango kakigori.

a random shot before bidding goodbye.

not much luck with things over at town so kinda gave up for the day and headed to mustafa. it was my virgin trip there and i must say there are really a hell lot of stuffs being sold there. but still, i don’t really like the place because of the arrangement. i just dislike the thought of having to squeeze with people..

bernie finally got his bow tie! this shot was supposed to show teddy on a bow tie actually but apparently, my contrasting effects on the photo made the bow tie NOT very visible against his black shirt. oh well..

headed to jalan kayu again after that for dinner. as usual, their favourite egg cheese pratas and all. the beancurd was dessert, treat by teddy (because of some funny bets he made with bernie). hahaha.. funny conversations and i realised that babe can laugh as well as how i do when i’m tipsy. LOL!

to satisfy teddy’s camwhore desire.

teddy drove himself home after that. i must say he’s quite stable although he claims that he doesn’t drive much. but the initial parts of him behind the wheels was really SCARY. hahaha. and it doesn’t help us to stop laughing with bernie climbing all over the seats on the car. it’s good that his car is pretty spacious because i’m pretty sure nobody can do that on my little boy. *laughs*

as of now.. WHITES checked; BLINGS pending. other than a small ring, i’ve no BLING accessories at all. should i just let it be or find time to shop somemore? anyways, it’s 4 more days to bash! anyone still needs a ticket? ((: