big family photo; the MnP loves.

so yups, finally an update on the internal gathering. been wanting to do this since Sunday but it’s not until NOW that i’ve some time to. shall see how long i’ll take to finish this entry. but caution: this entry is infested with photos! hahaha..

checking in! looks & sound damn wrong but no, they weren’t alone. *grins* vinod and i were just right behind them. anyways, bernie fetched us there and it made traveling in the rain so much easier. thanks alot! (:

the staff took us to our suite on the buggy, which was super nice! made traveling up the slope for lazy me so much easier too! but yea, after that babe made me realised we probably were supposed to give him some tips which we never did. hahaha..

reaching the destination; taking pictures of the place was next.

so yup, the many views of our very own romantic couple suite for the night.

self-shot for the earliest birds!

mirror shot with babe!

bed shot! oh, i meant a shot of us enjoying the comfy bed. heh. that’s the privileges of the early birds! the guys left us both there to continue their xbox game at bernie’s place. so yup, we tried to enjoy as much as we can before others arrived.

the jacuzzi! OH WELL, because we decided to leave out swim wear from our bags, only the legs get to enjoy. a little regret, no? bernie actually suggested that we go in our undies since there’re only the two of us. BUT, andrea and jackson arrived pretty soon after that. so, NO CHANCE! awww… lols.

pretty bed. i had a little sleep after andrea and jackson left us, again, to get the food. it was duper comfortable but i got awaken by the TV – showing the golden path, and rene’s call for her arrival. lols.

the pretty glass pavilion where a rich couple held their wedding. it was filled with a handful of guests while on the way to “fetch” rene. but nah, didn’t catch any shots of it. PRIVACY you see…

their limo at the lobby. it was HUGE, please. and the car plate is like a pretty 9999. gosh, i’m very positive about this couple being rich. the groom was an ang moh, if i’m not wrong; didn’t get to catch a glimpse of the bride. but in any case, shall not be such a busybody. LOL

the three of us.

the doorbell rang in the middle of the show. i actually jumped a little when i saw this stranger carrying a tray of stuff (instead of some familiar faces of the MnPians arriving at the door). *laughs at self*

it was COMPLIMENTARY food! hahaha. we totally like rejoiced to it because we were kinda starving inside there and the stuffs on the room service menu was damn DAMN costly. so, without a delay, we helped ourselves to the things. heh.

babe cutting the cheese for us. didn’t like the taste AT ALL. i think i still appreciate all the almonds, cashew, and macadamia nuts more. not the fruits too because tsehwee is a lazy girl. lols. rights, not much details about anything after that but people started strolling in after 6pm..

edward massaging for bernie.

teddy and his duper cute actions while giving a talk before the dinner starts. i think this was the moment when he was talking about the door that cannot be locked. “…if the door is closed, please ask.” oh if you are wondering, the door couldn’t be locked because it’s a couple suite! so yea, guess there was no need to? hahah..

the food.


rene, althea, jackson.

abigail, bhavani, shahira, natassja.

after dinner, it was pretty much free time for everybody. a group of them started playing some cute games in the room. not too sure the details since i wasn’t around; was outside with rene, winda & zhijun, listening to edward’s stories. i learnt quite some stuffs and gained some knowledge from them all. HAHA. damn damn interesting and i kinda think we could continue all the way till midnight if we weren’t asked to join the rest in the room.

our department heads getting us ready for the birthday celebration.

“happy birthday to you…”

belated birthday girls! (:

cake from awfully chocolate.

started our ‘shi lian pai’ after a very decent group photo on pam’s camera (the title picture for this entry). so yup, this is the FIRST shot. the colours are abit ran-out though. like it captures all the motions. pretty cool settings. hahaha..

the rest of the 9 shots; all gone wrong. LOL

started on our first game of the night after that. not very sure the name of the game; was it the blanket game or something? *laughs* divided into two groups and my group was in the toilet. had to see who shouts the other person’s name louder when the toilet door opens. i almost wanted to kill myself when i stared at kareen for i think 30 seconds but still couldn’t recall her name. lols.

busy kpo-ing who will be next at the door.

the next game was “don’t forget the lyrics” hosted by jackson and althea. i swear my babe was damn damn cute. hahah. the way she nodded and shake her head, and looking at you with her duper pretty big eyes; it’s like giving you hints whether you are right or wrong, or if you’re almost there or not. *grins*

group 1: girl power. all girls = weak? think again! we were like the overrall winners! wahaha, probably because the songs we got were very easy. but, i choose to believe that we were GOOD. (:

my group at work!

group 2 minus rene. they were losing all the way initially but somehow managed to fight back. or should i say, the other two teams were too……….

group 3: queen bee? hahah, the way they always pose is damn cute. i wonder why hadn’t anyone posted the video of them dancing yet. anyways, zhaoting’s the queen bee and the rest are the bodyguards. they were pretty good actually, but the songs were too hard and they became one of the loser teams. hahahah..

group 4. needless to say, they lost too. not literally LOST actually. the two teams were on par and we finished all the songs but still couldn’t get ONE team to be forfeited. so, might as well.. forfeit them both! but anyways, i thought the forfeit wasn’t bad at all.. you get to drink!

the forfeit – a try-your-luck game.


rights, and before starting the next game, sneaked on the mint chocolate baileys with jackson. damn funny how we took that little bottle and ran to the back actually. but yup, it was REALLY NICE! simply tasted like chocolate! yum yum. hahaha. edward joined us too, after that. spot the little bottle in the picture? (:

and president shows *thumbs up* too!

and the next game was out to make everyone high, i suppose. teddy as the host; he’s acts damn fast. the baileys shots were pretty enjoyable actually. but the vodka sips was damn yucky. i guess it was the contradicting taste. in any case, the objective was met because i believe most, who drank, were pretty tipsy by the end of it.

so the very last game, also the highlight of the night, is the kings game. but can i say the game was a total nightmare? hahah. the sad thing is, i never got hold of the kings card at all; was called by the king twice though. the only thing i can say is, i lost my first girl kiss! *laughs* RAISA darling, if you are reading this, SORRY, you can’t get mine anymore! hahah..

anyways, i think this was the first time i ever drank till the extent of having breathing difficulties. OH WELL, think it was the vodka effect that only set in after many many rounds of clap clap game with edward. hahaha. in any case, thanks alot babe, edward, and teddy for taking care of me. i know i was a real big trouble. and i think my tipsy image was known to many many more after that night. SIGHS

got myself a place on the bed because of my condition and i slept pretty well. we packed & cleaned up the messy nest and stayed till it was time for check out.

part of our consumption for the night. many many more mixers i guess? and where’s the wine and chivas bottle? *laughs* lunched at vivo with the standing survivors and home sweet home. a great gathering; many more to come. ((: