had a date with the clique, minus ah chu again, early Saturday morning. credits to zz, we had the VIP tickets to enter Fossil Private Sales at 10am. the public could only enter after 12pm. unexpectedly, we had to queue for quite awhile even though we reached damn early (like 9.45am?). in any case, everyone of us bought something. a watch each for us girls and a lot more each for the guys. now you know.. they are richer.

thinking about it, i’d say this is the first watch i’ve ever bought. in fact, it’s the first i’ve even owned. well, that’s if you disregard the Baby-Gs and kiddish market-bought watches i had when i was in primary school. anyways, (although i think everyone who knows me already knows this) i’ve a confession to make: i can’t read analog watches! but (i said BUT), i’m learning right now; and i’m doing a good job! *smiles proudly*