honestly, i didn’t realise that last Friday was Friday the 13th until last night. i guess that was because nothing really unlucky happened to me hence it was just like any other normal day. *laughs* worked for half a day before i rushed down to SIM (yes, the school i’m still trying hard to love) for my BBMKT enrolment talk.

seriously, it was DAMN boring. but i’m really really glad that i had thea with me! cannot imagine having to hide in one corner of the LT alone.. anyways, our class is pretty big. probably because i’m not used to treating a whole lecture group (of roughly 150 peeps) as a CLASS. i wonder how long it’s going to take us to know each and every one of our classmates..

well, the talk ended at about 4pm (scheduled to be 5pm) because everyone was feeling so restless and there were a couple of them already leaving the LT for good. traveled to town after that.

shopped around and accompanied thea before meeting up with the two guys who were supposed to be shopping but apparently bought nothing but food at Subway. went to collect her orders at the beautiful castle but sadly, i didn’t get to taste any of the delicacies! *stares at thea* heh, don’t worry, i believe i will get to eat some of those pretty stuffs one day..

next up was partyworld with the clique minus ah chu, who’s kinda busy with his work. felt so guilty for the final bill because i totally forgotten vouchers cannot be used on Friday nights. so yea, there goes the whole week of lunch money i saved. but it was worth it, having fun with the darlings and getting to hear zz’s powerful singing again after so long.

right, if the pictures didn’t do the talking, then hopefully the captions i added did. that pretty much summed up my Friday night. well, although we could have had, still decided against stayovers because of the date we have the next morning. on a random note, i think it’s been really long since i spoke as much as i did that night. thanks peeps, for not shutting me up. hahaha..