sometimes, when you start appreciating the silence around you, you’ll realise that the repertoire everyday is pretty much the same. there’s this piece of beautiful music – which i shall name it “The Office Melody” – always playing in the air. and i, too, play a part in this band, contributing to the main melody of keyboard-tapping and mouse-clicking like every other member. at certain parts of the movement, supporting melodies of paper-flipping, machines-moving, phone-ringing, chair-screeching and foot-stomping are also heard. minus voices of communication, it’s quite a relief that loud-snoring are not composed into the scores..

freako! say, i’m just too bored. anyways, it’s been a terrible day. i couldn’t eat properly due to the scratch on the hard palate in my mouth. (refer to the part marked X above) i was eating dried mangoes last night and it kinda scraped off a small piece of my skin. so yea, i can’t bite with my front tooth because it hurts when food comes in contact with the open wound. and the same goes for drinking water as well. *cries* i reckon it will be another 2 days or 3 before i can stop frowning each time my tongue touch the palate.. ):