all thanks to xumige, we went a little high over TALKING on msn. just imagine a window of sound clips – pressing F2, blabber to the mic, click Play, and repeat the process. hahaha. and then we suggested downloading Skype again where the 3 of us chatted for over an hour.. we could have a clique conference call but wushuyi wasn’t online, pzz couldn’t find his mic and ah chu didn’t want to download it! ):

well well. but it really reminds me of the days 2-3 years ago when everyone was so INTO Skype. btw, i still have like almost a few dozens of contacts on my list but none of them is online anymore. *laughs* anyways, regarding the title, click to read on..

it gets pretty tiring at times when you have to repeat & spell your name like a thousand times but nobody just seems to get it right. have you ever came across such irritating situation like this? well, with my name spelt so uniquely like that, i sure had. of course, this can’t be helped cos honestly speaking, i’ve no idea how to pronounce my name as well! hmm, i thought it was easy for people to read my Chinese name – zi hui – correctly though as it’s a rather common name. but somehow, at my workplace, i think only a handful of them got it right. anyways, it doesn’t really bother me hence i response to whatever they call me – si hui, shi wei, zhi hui, etc.

however, regarding names, i’ve always wanted to have an English name since young. having envied sister having a beautiful name, Amanda (now changed to Sotyna after her numerology reading), i’ve always wondered why nobody ever chose another for me. talk to me about Ziddy; i’d say t’s a pretty kiddish name i came up with for my games & online identity. i tried using it once during my internship with CAAS but i’m still not very sure of using it further although it’s been quite attached to me since then. i just find it not serious-looking enough and too boyish to be a female name. *laughs* oh, and i just happened to realised that if i get a name starting with the letter M, my initials will be so beautiful! MYTH. any suggestions to that? hahah.. in any case, i do love my name still, even more when it’s spelt backwards. that is why i had it as my domain! (:

on a random note, it’s my #101 entry on wordpress! let’s say, happy 101 anniversary! *brrr, so cold*