it’s the 3rd consecutive stay-home weekend! i’d say i’m kinda liking it though.. spent the whole of yesterday on mobtv as it is streaming the first 10 episodes of A Mobile Love Story free and i think it’s like one of the coolest interface i’ve seen on the site. well, being a drama addict like me, i found the next 11 episodes on a CCTV website! so yups, i completed the show today.

anyways, if you’re wondering what show it is, you can take a look here. it’s a Singapore-China collaboration starring Christopher Lee, Yvonne Lim and Wallace Huo. well, the main actress is Han Xue but i doubt you’ll know who she is lah.. heh. hmm, i wouldn’t say it’s a VERY nice show but quite worth catching if you really have nothing to do – like me. *laughs*

and yes, it’s 5-5 today! have you eaten your dumpling? happy dragon boat festival! (: