enrolment in a week’s time, termination in 3 weeks’ time, commencement in a month’s time; am i looking forward? you bet! well, you see.. no matter how much i dread stepping into SIM, i really missed campus life so much that i can’t wait to start school.. but sadly, it’s going to mark the end of awaiting money-rolling-in pay days and spending chasing-serial-dramas weekends. (because i suppose i should have homework/revisions to do during weekends BUT you never know, i can always find time for that addictive hobby of mine! *grins*)

and hopefully by then, i can secure myself a good-paying part time job. you ask why? i’m a big girl now! and big girls shouldn’t be sitting about, sticking out hands, open their mouths, and wait for papa mama to feed them, should they? *LOL* but well, for that issue, i’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.. note the word: hopefully. *laughs*

after all, it still depends on how packed my schedule is going to be, how much time i can afford to work, and most importantly, will there even be a place that – i don’t mind working at – will hire me. imagine me doing the exact same actions i mentioned in the above paragraph! guess i’ll just become the contradicting laughing stock of everyone. tsktsk.. in any case, everything is still an enormous question mark right now. till then, we shall see how! (: