my sister is a very wonderful and capable lady. at times, i find myself wishing i was half as capable as her. looking up to her, sometimes i even hope that one day, i could become like her. although she never did well in school and her results have always been substandard, i feel that her PR skills and ability to build rapport with people are already adequate to bring her to greater heights.

disregarding the few useless pieces of paper qualifications i own, i think she has achieved so much more than me. well, by right, every individual should and will excel in one thing or another. maybe maybe, i’ve just yet to find mine. i want to and i need to; but how – i wonder – do i go about filling up these empty talks?

now, that picture’s rather random (i know). you must be looking forward and expecting a pretty shot of my dear sister (i know). but i don’t have any on hand right now.. so, make do with mine first? *laughs* nah, i just wanna say, being optimistic is the key to happiness! so i guess, i really am TRYing to be!

PS: anyways, if you really am so curious on taking a look at my dear sis, go click on her in my links. (: