the edward fairytale.

did my enrollment thing early during orientation registration duty and headed down to town after lunch to meet gladys and fion for our long awaited movie. i suppose this is the first time being in lido one and i’m really amazed by how big it is. hahaha. our seats were like quite far back at the end but the screen still looked pretty big! i was so excited i became really chatty before the movie started. LOL.

i read the book about 4 months ago and i must say i’ve already forgotten most of the series of events. in fact, i don’t even remember the characters’ names other than edward, bella, and probably a few more like, bella’s parents, jacob, and edward’s doctor dad. *laughs* still, the movie was quite good although everyone will agree the book is so much better. but then again, that’s pretty normal because books are ALWAYS more descriptive. on a side note, i still think they should find a more good-looking edward..

anyways, been rushing a couple of stuffs lately thus am constantly having a lack of sleep. can’t believe that i actually fell asleep during the movie. but it really couldn’t be helped with the fact that there wasn’t any subtitles for the entire movie! yup, tsehwee HATES movies without subtitles because she can hardly understand shows by listening. no matter what language the show is in, subtitles are always a MUST-HAVE.

did some shopping after that to get a xmas exchange gift for MnP dinner tmr. now i’m having a headache on how to package it. seriously, can’t seem to be done with my to-do list and i’m running out of time. haven’t even packed my luggage for the coming 8-days trip to tw. oh my… don’t even have time for all my dramas-chasing sessions. ):

it will come when it comes.