counting down.

was in the midst of rushing my mass production of christmas cards when i suddenly smelt this butter and bake. thought mummy was baking some cookies so i went to check it out and realised she was actually baking a cake for me! *grins* seriously, she did it so silently that i didn’t even know she was baking in the kitchen. well, the aroma betrayed her. rights, then she placed all the decorations we kept for years all onto the cake. it may be a little messy but i think it’s cute! that’s the best cake i’ve ever had this year. because it was made with love. (:

my cui-ed face with the cake. haha. no candles, no birthday song, just a simple cake. not like she’ll be reading this but, thank you mummy, i love you! on a side note, happy 21st to my dearest neighbour, cuthbert! it will be my turn next year! but hmm, still long actually..

and i’m finally done with some packing of luggage and other important to-do stuffs before i leave for my trip. shall post photos of my mass production cards after i give them out! heh. till then.. ((: