here’s a shot of my mass production! hahah, for the clique, you’ll be getting it tmr. heh, cos i haven’t finished writing as my pen went out of ink. lols. rights, met gab at town for some last minute shopping on how to package my present and i swear i got cheated $8.50 for the wrapping! so not worth it lah. sighs. lesson learnt: wrap presents yourself next time. hahaha.

headed to heeren’s NYDC which was our meeting and dinner place for the night. had quite a number of pictures taken but all of them are not with me. so yea, shall wait for them to be up on facebook, as usual! (:

the gifts i received for the day! mini presents and cards from our department heads, xmas cookies from NYDC, birthday-cum-xmas present from gab, and the sudoku book is the gift i exchanged with my mini bottle of wine. heh. thanks all! i love all my presents. *grins*

babe smiling very hard for my omnia’s smile detector. seriously, i don’t know why it just can’t seem to capture her smile. hahaha! anyways, talking about babe, i think we’re really fated to be inseparables lah. imagine, out of 25 people for the gift exchange, we actually tio-ed each other! and what’s best is, our numbers were the last pair to be called out! hahah. cool huh? but sadly, the present is not bought by her, but bernie. i’m sure i’d love a present chosen by her more!! but no worries bernie, i still love the sudoku book. probably i should start learning how to play and bring it with me on my trip. (:

headed down to zouk for the UOL bash with the excos after that. hahah. somehow it seems pretty empty compared to ours. i thought i’d expect a larger crowd since they have like so so so many sponsors. but well, probably cos it’s a weeknight so people can’t really make it.

a couple of photos on my phone. as usual, expecting more pics up to be on facebook! haha. seriously, facebook is like part of my life already. can’t imagine living without it. now wait, what is friendster again? *laughs*

and guess who that is, doing hot dance dancing all by himself.

them getting high to YMCA. well then, the dance floor was really really empty at the start and we’re like the only ones down there. could have formed an RMIT clique over there alr. but okay lah, it got really crowded after that; like the usual sardine crowd. really don’t like it, especially when i’m like completely sober.. because tsehwee can’t dance. hahah. sorry if i spoilt anybody’s mood but well, it’s going to be my last party of the year! (:

a shot with amelia pretty. hahah saved $4 off the tickets thanks to her. went for supper after that at jalan kayu but i was really really too tired i just slept in the car. as usual again, thanks bernie for the ride home although it was really really late. rights, gotta get some calling-of-the-freshies done hopefully by tonight. got a gathering with the gang in like an hour’s time and…. oh my, seems like a lot more stuffs to do. *SIGHS* gotta fly now, till then.. have a great day peeps, TGIF! (:

and i don’t know how.