2nd trip to GWC..

of cos, Ben & Jerry’s again. well, we don’t have much of a choice, do we? a few more times and we can label ourselves as loyal customers already! *laughs* traveling to town on a Saturday with projects as the objective isn’t a good feeling at all. thus, tried to utilize our time there!

rene taking photo of the mall layout while babe trying to cover the bright reflection. had so many tries and were laughing like mad. luckily the people in the opposite shop didn’t care about us. hahaha.

the map i drew at around 2am this morning! still looks pretty presentable, doesn’t it? hahah. it proved quite useful for the day as well. well, although i read it wrongly for a couple of times, this is the first time i am actually reading a map myself! but of course, it’s essential to have babe around to correct me. ((:

was quite amazed by this ‘GAS’ thingy outside great world. how interesting.. i’m just wondering what is beneath this cement. anyone wanna enlighten me? heh.

walked about a-quarter of our trading area. passed by grand copthorne and then ZOUK! there were so many people outside; seems like there’s an event going on too. reminds me of our BASH a week ago, we were like THERE at the exact same timing. hahaha.

me and babe in the middle of our journey. walked a long long way.. noticed quite a few nice places around there at the same time. haven’t exercised for far too long thus the walk really drained me of all energy. TWO MORE WEEKS to some deserved break! ((: