rene, you gotta thank me for not posting the unglam photo of yours! (:

random pictures from today’s lecture. the mood on this space has been pretty down lately. but not to worry, a blogaholic like me will not let it die down like that. well, won’t be doing an entry on the BASH though. it’s almost a week late alr and, there are too many photos for me to filter and edit. too lazy, but i’m sure everyone who ought to see those photos would have already done so on facebook. (:

right, the emotional week is finally coming to an end. well, although there isn’t any excitement like TGIF, at least it’s weekends and there isn’t a need to force myself up in the morning and rush to school. but of course, it’s not enjoyment time yet. 4 projects to go and i really can’t wait for them to be over.

these few weeks are going to be damn packed. can’t seem to get away from student week booth duty & opening of the Ulu Pandan campus despite trying. and on top of project deadlines drawing nearer, girlfriends’ birthday meet-ups have to be squeezed into the organiser as well. September has always been a packed month, but with everything lumped together this year, the load seems to be doubled.

had a little laughter over this random application on rene’s itouch. we “asked” about our projects and wanted it to help us come to a decision. the answers were pretty funny but yea, was just for fun. didn’t head down to GWC as planned. stayed in school trying to do up our report instead. but hmm, i spent more time falling asleep at the bench. ONE MORE WEEK till submission so, guess we gonna get our weekends burned too! ):

on a random note, my hand hurts. a slight sprain plus a heavy knock. on the same side, along the entire limb. i’m STILL trying to find the spot that’s injured…

anyhow, thank you.