will you sacrifice your life for love?

watched Painted Skin on PPS with mummy and sis last night. wasn’t really paying attention to the show initially because i was catching Hot Shot on my laptop at the same time. but after awhile, i just felt that i HAD TO pause my show to concentrate on the former. although the ending was pretty lame, there was this really touching part about the wife’s love for the husband which made me tear. it wasn’t a REALLY awesome show but it’s not too bad a watch (compared to Max Payne).

anyways, haven’t been productive this week for mugging. guess it’s just me. when it comes to studies, it seems like i can only do last minute work. out of a sudden, i feel like i’m so ahead of time hence, i’m slacking off just a little. but i probably have to force myself to start understanding MR which i still have no freaking idea what it’s all about.

met sis in town in the evening to shop but didn’t really get myself anything. saw this really gorgeous green top at forever21 but there was only a size L. *pulls hair* to think it’s been like eons since i last fell so much in love with something i’m willing to spend on.. and i really really REALLY love that top! )):

on a side note, i was randomly in my own world of thoughts while travelling alone and i came to realise how interesting it is to think back about how i got to know all my friends around me. it’s like a different story to each and every single individual; from strangers to acquaintance, friends to buddies, anything to everything.. it’s just so amazing! the first impressions and the first conversations, when and how you said hi, what’s your name?,  how it all started from there. like, it could be just a few months ago that you were completely strangers, not knowing one another’s existence. then, in a blink of the eye, everyone’s hanging out together, talking about things you’d never imagined yourself to be talking about and stuffs like that. at times, you’d even feel incomplete without their existence. well, people come people go. guess it’s just part of life, an add-on to life.. but they really DO spice up your lives. *grins* every little footprint counts, they stay in the memories and are very appreciated..

and i still wonder how.