don’t ask me.

pretty long since i last stepped into a clinic or even consulted a doctor. but yea, been thinking over it for a couple of days and decided to see one. heh. he actually recommended me a duper expensive box of pills which he label as VERY EFFECTIVE for acnes but after much consideration, i settled with another one. oh well, shall see how it goes..

ANYWAYS, conversations with the study buddy gang always make me so speechless. but lately, it made me feel stupid too. first, the 24 minus 7 equals to 14; then, the clearing bathtub with a cup thing. thinking back, laughing at myself is not even near enough.

well, and today, having 2 strangers asking me for directions made me feel even more stupid! DIRECTIONS, can you believe it? the first one was when i was on the bus to school, the man asked me where Bukit Timah Plaza was and if he should alight at this stop (i actually pointed wrongly and did it so confidently *guilty*). the other was when i was on the bus back home, an old lady asked me about where she should alight for Bukit Timah CC and market (and i think hope i got it right). gosh, having studying along that stretch of road for going 4 years, i can’t believe i actually can’t answer them confidently because i’ve got no clues at all.. *shakes head*

rights, on a happier note, i’ve finally figured out the burning question i had for cash discounts for Distribution Channels! was so glad because it’s been bothering me for days and the lecturer not replying our emails didn’t help. at least now i know that the question had no typo errors as claimed by bernie’s lecturer. for once, i guess the lecturer wasn’t very smart huh..

sketch of the empty student lounge on Tuesday morning. stickman figures filled in by teddy; the left being bernie and the right being himself. he claimed that they should be inside because they took up that exact two seats which the picture is supposed to illustrate.

anyways, i figured that i need to get back to my routine of reaching school at 9.30am everyday. it’s easier to get started at those early hours and on that big table with that familiar overview of the student lounge (as above). found it hard to start only after noon and it was totally like an igloo in the council room. as if it wasn’t freezing enough, the rain had to pour THAT heavily, bringing shivers to my whole body. totally regretted leaving my jacket in the room as soon as i got onto the escalator. haha.

hmm. one more full day to mug for DC before the paper on Saturday. like finally, we’re reaching the FIRST date on my sticky entry! rights, hopefully our quiz master will really help us come out with a constructive and useful quiz session tmr. ((:

words don’t count.