one down, now.

today’s paper was unbelievably easy. majority of the candidates left like after 45 minutes to an hour after the commencement. *laughs* during the reading time, i was like totally doubting myself, if i even read it correctly. imagine a 12-marks question asking you things like what is 1+1. true/false questions which are repeatedly asked with only a slight change in the figures. none of the theory parts which i memorised came out at all, was feeling damn cheated BUT WELL, if nothing goes wrong, should be able to get some good marks i guess?

was still so stressed up with all the different solutions the lecturer posted a night before the paper. it totally confused us and it made me feel stupid again. hahaha. i thought the mugging session in school was pretty productive though the questions we practised weren’t even close to the paper.

for some reasons, i shall spell t e d d y‘s name as yddet from now. hahahaha.

we appointed gladys as the QUIZ MASTER since she was the most free while bernie & yddet was away taking their BF paper. she did a very good job! hahaha. yddet took over her duties after that. ((:

ZT and her pretty answer cards. ((:

and me with gladyswu doing the inverted T towards me. HMM, not very nice, my dear.. although i was the one who showed it to her first. LOL! rights, i’m sure it’s pretty easy to get what that was trying to mean… ):

anyways, gladyswu was damn funny when i called her at 11am. she actually thought something bad happened to me. like, i just woke up and i missed my paper which was at 10am or stuffs like that. HAHAHA but nopes, have more confidence in me can?

then, off to town after that to meet up with the clique. not much of a complainy story from our newest army boy, pohzhizhong. good sign; keep it up! *laughs* had the durian pancake that sis introduced me a few days back again and still, yum yums! ((:

edward spotted outside lido! wooot. and i realised the movie is going to be out on 18th December! *grins* i shall and i must catch it before i set off for Taiwan! heh. and talking about movies, there’re suddenly so many that i wanna watch! okay, just a few right now actually..

  • Nights in Rodanthe
  • High School Musical 3
  • Saw V!

but hell, the last movie is R21, AGAIN. can someone smuggle me in please? but before that, i will need to catch up with Saw III and Saw IV which i don’t remember watching yet. hehs.

and on a random note, i’ve finally got myself an external hard disk! thanks amelia for the cheap deal. *grins* but but but.. things come, things go. my speakers just died on me and my beautiful mouse stopped functioning too! well, it’s still displaying the pretty lights, still clickable, but it just DOESN’T MOVE. how nice huh….

a fairytale.