4 more weekends to endure.

rotted almost the whole of my Saturday away with lotsofdistractions at home. well, just trust me when i say i CANNOT study at home. somehow, it’s a psychological barrier that i can’t seem to overcome. *laughs* anyways, it’s pretty obvious that photofunia is the greatest distraction. i generated almost one facebook album of photos and, the above, is my personal favourite. ((:

then mike proposed a movie at night. was contemplating whether to go or not but decided in the end to go ahead since it’s been pretty long since we caught a movie as THE GANG (as said by him). so yup, almost the whole of the gang went. like cool, i didn’t even realise brother is back in Singapore already. *laughs*

headed to SMU with jinhao this afternoon to seek a more-productive Sunday. wasted an hour or two actually, while waiting for the rain to stop. didn’t get any good spot or tables as expected so just settled down on a random corner. well, the only thing i liked about the place was the temperature. but it was so comfortable that i had to fight the Z monster so hard. well, at least i succeeded, unlike somebody. *laughs*

rights, then an accidental stroke of my pen on his hand brought a hell bit of vandalism on my hands. somehow, there’s a story to it. little piggy looking very terrified towards tazmania who opened his mouth duper big, attempting to eat him. tazmania is looking upwards at the rival ninja turtle who is also eyeing little piggy. okay, that’s about it i guess? hahaha.

but i think my little idol boy looks better. well, don’t bother about the little red dot on his backside. have no idea why it was there also. ALRIGHTS, 6 more days to first paper! *cheers for self* ((:

resist all temptations..