gone so wrong..

study buddies have been pretty distracted recently. or were we just disturbed by the disturbia we caught a couple of nights ago? *laughs* MONOPOLY was one.. started playing it on Thursday morning while waiting for lunch and teddy to arrive. rights, the day continued with a little more mugging before we…

yes, you didn’t see wrongly. it was a duper random decision to head to halo bar for a de-stressing ktv session. let’s not point fingers on who suggested or DARED us to go. in any case, we went AFTER mugging so yea, still pretty justifiable i suppose?

me and teddy.

my darlings on the other side.

teddy. should upload videos of him dancing some day. well, actually i believe everyone who knows him has seen him danced before. but still…. after exams, maybe? *laughs*


bernie and me.

teddy emo-ing.

sharing mic.

we sang for about 3 hours before our karaoke system got cut off. was pretty pissed at first but well, after much thinking, just treated it as a sign for us to leave already. leeched a ride home from bernie again because it was late and i was lazy. haha.

well, then mugging session the next morning went pretty well with my notes writing for OB case study. but somehow, all the distractions came setting in after lunch in the afternoon. let pictures do the talking?

my first time playing cluedo. it was quite fun. almost got my acquisition right! but i assumed the wrong location and so, was out of the game. hahaha. babe won the game by PURE GUESSING. tsktsk.

all the players concentrating…

continued with this after that. seriously, i’m starting to feel that the student lounge isn’t a great place to study after all. HAHA. oh well.. it’s like a test of one’s determination i guess? headed down to bedok north for dinner after that and home sweet home. ((:

on a random note, i actually got hooked to this photofunia thingy reyna passed me a few days ago. spent like the past hour playing with it. probably will generate more of this fun photos after exams! for now, here’s a few.. hahaha..


my very missed DAZ.

the clique!

personal favourite as of now! ((:

oh btw, i want say a big thank-you to my darlings for never failing to buy lunches for me this whole week. regardless of the walks/drives to canteen 3 or some other vegetarian stalls out there.. really, much appreciated! LOVES.

and i’m getting used to having nothing at all..