it probably wouldn’t be this way.

shall have a little update while my body is digesting the dinner i just had. was just looking at the date when the clock stroked 12am. just a year ago, this date was like my supposed-to-be-very-happy-but-turned-out-to-be-a-very-sad day. firstly, i failed my first TP (if not, i’d be bidding goodbye to that yellow triangle on my boy now man!) then, it.. just wasn’t a good day lah.

but anyways, this year, the day will be good. at least i hope so? WELL, how bad can a day mugging in school get? it wouldn’t because the company is good and the days had always been good. ((: just last night, or rather, just an hour ago, we pampered ourselves with a little movie after mugging session.

rights, caught this show at bernie’s. because they commented that it’s pretty scary and so we wanted to catch it too. but there was only like 20 to 30 minutes of horrifying scenes lah. can still rmb how impatient babe was getting when the first whole hour plus of the show was so…. no scary. *laughs*

vi and the big tv behind vi.

babe and me! alrights, after a whole day, i am looking damn cui-ed. thanks bernie again, for the ride home! well, more writing awaits tmr.. oh, and it suddenly occured to me that the first paper’s only in another 9 days’ time! wonder if i’ve enough time for everything. and it’s also grandma’s 7th SEVEN on the same day. gotta give it a miss since exams are more important. ):

i really…